• Wednesday, December 7
    Council Oak Steaks & Seafood

First established in 1856 in Paris, Kentucky, a town tucked away in the heart of Bourbon County, Chicken Cock Whiskey rose to popularity during the 19th century. James A. Miller built a distillery and started making Chicken Cock, a type of whiskey unique to the bluegrass region. During the 1920’s it was a staple of prohibition-era speakeasies, like the Cotton Club, where it was smuggled inside in nondescript tin cans, earning it the nickname, “the Whiskey in a tin can.” 

Unfortunately, the original distillery where Chicken Cock was made burned down in the 1950s, causing a decades long pause for the once great brand. Known as “The Famous Old Brand” for much of its history, Chicken Cock Whiskey has now reclaimed its spot amongst the great American whiskies, because good spirits never go out of style. Staying true to the rich 166-year-old brand history while modernizing it just a touch, the products we’ve created are an unsurpassable collection of small-batch craft whiskies.


Amuse -

Jamaican Jerk Ribs with Jicama Slaw paired with a Chicken Cock Straight Bourbon "Gold Rush" Sour with Port Wine Float

Salad -

Grilled Apricot Salad paired with a Chicken Cock Straight Rye New Orleans Sazerac Cocktail

Entrée -

Chorizo and Cornbread Stuffed Pork Tenderloin paired with a Chicken Cock Private Cask Selection Ginger and Cocoa Old Fashioned

Dessert - 

Apple Bacon Butter Cake paired with a Chicken Cock Chanticleer Cognac Cask Finished Bourbon Neat 

*Gratuity and Tax Included